Use Flashget with Rapidshare

  1. Download flashget and Mozilla + flashgot (Mozilla extension)
  2. Installed firefox with its extension and flashget
  3. Open Flashget and select tools–>option–> Site manager
  4. Add this :
  5. Now select your rapidshare link Enter codes. Now Firefox will ask where to save simply select “flashgot” Press OK
  6. Then you will get this window


Just remove after .com words

Enjoy flashget speed

tested on:
FF. + FG
Opera + FG


11 Tanggapan

  1. “tested on:
    Opera + FG”

    How do you have flashgot tested with opera?
    AFAIK there’s no current port of flashgot to opera
    Can you please explain?

  2. nice work, man 🙂

  3. Is that really speeding up Rapidshare? Don’t they use a hard coded speed limit for free accounts?

  4. Hi
    links dead 😦

  5. Hi There!
    I found a very simple method to directly download files from rapidshare using FlashGet, It’ll work with other download managers, but FlashGet has a “Default Download Properties” that will let you automatically download just by copying the rapidshare link.

    1) login to your Rapidshare premiun account (Using Internet Explorer) and under settings enable direct downloads(remember to save or apply).

    2) just in case logout an login again

    3) In Internet Explorer do “Tools>Internet Options”

    4) once there click on “settings” under “browse history” section of the “general” tab

    5) now click on “View Files” and look for a cookie called “cookie:[your-windows-username]”

    6) right click on it and copy

    7) paste it into anywhere (desktop will do)

    8) open the txt file that it pasted and copy the whole line that is in it, it should be something like this: user[your-rapidshare-username-in-numbers]-[a-series-of-symbols-letter-and-numbers][a-series-of-numbers]*

    9) open Flashget and under “tools>Default Download Properties” paste the copied line into the “referrer” box

    10) put ok and you are ready to roll!

    11) if you enable the “monitor clipboard” option in FlashGet and you only do a “copy link” in any browser, it should automatically start downloading at full speed. It also resumes after pausing!

    I assume if you change your username or password you’ll need to do the same again. And maybe also if you logout from your premium rapidsahre account.

    This possible means that FlashGet will only work with rapidshare, but you can use Flashget for rapidshare and Orbit for others!

  6. Hi. I have just signed up for a Premium acct at RS. I have been able to use Flashget to download to a certain degree ….however half of the files just download 12kb or less …when they should be at least 10Mb or more ….I tried your cookie suggestion …but still download the file the same …anyother suggestions ???


    Firefox + Flashgot Plugin
    In Firefox : Tools > Flashgot > More options > General tab > select Flashget > Ok

    Now just Highlight the rapidshare links, Rightclick > Flashgot selection…………etc


    btw… they now have a 2.66 Gigabyte/Day limit….that could be Jsleep’s case…

  8. Ok i canot get this to work it doesnt download the whole file

  9. thanks ~~!!

  10. to download files from rapidshare i use my old method. I use flashget 1.73 (built 128). The simple way…..enter info in site manager…..or when downloading…..enter the login info……as easy as that…

    • i already have better method…with Free Rapid Downloader…its totally free and such a great freeware. Try it! you’ll love it!

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